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1) How do I enroll to become a Member in Mazaya Alinma Program?
Simply login to Internet Alinma and complete the enrollment process by choosing a password.
2) How do I access and activate my Mazaya Alinma account?
To access your account, simply log into your account online at using your Alinma ID as a username and the password you chose during enrollment.
3) What happens if I lose or forget my password?
You can request a new password online at
4) Can I update my profile and personal details?
Yes, you can update your profile and personal details by logging into your account on Once logged in, you can manage all your profile information, preferences and contact details. Members are encouraged to keep their profile information up to date to better benefit from the vast variety of rewards.
5) When and how can I start earning Rewards Points?
You can start earning reward points every time you make a purchase with your Alinma Bank credit or debit card and other products and services listed in Program Portals everywhere for every Riyal you spend.
[Table of products and points in mazaya alinma website]
6) When and how can I start redeeming my Rewards Points?
You can start redeeming your rewards points as soon as your Mazaya Alinma account is activated and by collecting the needed points. You can redeem your points anytime through the program portals at redemption can be made on a wide variety of rewards ranging from electronics, treats and gifts, family adventure and much more.
7) What is Alinma Bank Travel?
It is a service we offer where you can redeem your reward points for travel on real time basis, with an unlimited number of options from global airlines, hotel operators and car rental agents. Alinma travel will provide you with all possible deals so you can select what suits you best.
8) How long does it take to have the Rewards Points credited to my account?
Rewards points are usually posted within 3 to 5 business days.
9) How can I check my rewards points balance?
You can check your Points balance statement by logging into your account on
10) For how long are my rewards points valid?
Your Rewards Points are valid for up to (one) year from the time they are credited to your account.
11) Can I transfer my points to another Member?
This service is not available currently.
12) Can I earn and redeem points when I travel abroad?
You can earn and redeem points at any participating Program partner regionally and globally. You can check out the Program Portal at to get more information on the Program partner network.
13) If points have not been credited to my account, what should I do?
Reward Points usually take at least 3 – 5 business days to appear on your mazaya Alinma online statement. It is a good practice to check your balance online at In case you believe your earned points have not been credited properly to your account, you can call our call center at <8001208000>.
14) Is there any fee for registering in Mazaya Alinma program?
It is free of charge to register in Mazaya Alinma.
15) How can I get help if I have questions that I cannot find in this FAQ?
You can call our call center at <8001208000> at any time.